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Our Mission

Achieve Tutoring, LLC. is committed to helping students excel in their learning and achieve their educational goals. We strive to provide unequalled, excellent tutoring services and supplemental educational materials. We believe that all students can achieve academic success with the right program and the right instructor.

Our mission is to provide our clients with high-quality tutoring that fits each child's learning style. We are eager to assist you with all of your tutoring needs. We provide students with academic support that goes beyond the classroom setting. Our approach helps students build confidence and academic skills at the same time. Students improve one to two grade levels when using our tutoring services consistently.

Our Philosophy

Our teaching strategy is based on the constructivist view of learning. In this view, knowledge is constructed on the part of learners through active, mental processes of development. Learners are the builders and creators of meaning and knowledge. A constructive learning environment is interactive and student-centered.

Our tutoring program is successful because it extends beyond simple homework help. Activities before, during, and after each session are elements of the Achieve Tutoring Program that ensure student achievement. Our instructional techniques involve a combination of the following elements:

  • Sensitivity to learning profile
  • Consistent monitoring of student
  • Student input/feedback
  • Positive energy and encouragement
  • Clear and organized instruction
  • Reinforcement of concepts and procedural techniques

Our story

Demond Moy Demond Moy, founder of Achieve Tutoring, comes from a family of educators and is committed to empowering people through education. Originally from Chicago, IL, he earned a Bachelor of Science in physics from Florida A&M University. After graduating with honors from Florida A&M, Demond attended University of Maryland College Park as a graduate student. In May 2005, Demond received his Masters of Arts in economics. While in college, Demond frequently helped his peers and became more committed to the idea of helping others excel academically. This idea blossomed and grew into a business venture called Achieve Tutoring, which specializes in helping students with math and physics.

Currently, Demond works full time growing and developing his business while fulfilling his commitment to educating and helping others. Under his leadership, Achieve Tutoring has grown into an enterprising company that serves over 150 youth in grades K - 12. Students come from a range of backgrounds, from elite private schools to public schools in low-income areas. Achieve has the distinction of being a choice vendor to provide tutoring services to DC and Virginia public schools.

Our team

Advisor: Jun D. Moy serves as an advisor to Achieve Tutoring. He has over 30 years of experience teaching mathematics in Chicago Public Schools and Chicago City Colleges.

Tutors: Our team of tutors is comprised of professionals, teachers, and other experienced educators with a wide range of backgrounds. Each tutor makes a unique contribution to Achieve.