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Parent testimonials

"Not only have my son's grades improved (from C's to A's), but Mr. Moy has instilled in him a confidence in his abilities that he never had before. We tried two other tutors, and my son tried to get extra help from teachers at school, but it was not until he met Mr. Moy that he truly started to grasp the concepts and start to believe that he would actually be able to succeed in math. Mr. Moy clearly has an easy command of mathematics, but what makes him a great tutor, in addition, is his kind manner, his ability to relate to kids, both with humor and understanding, and his great teaching skills. He is a great role model; not only does my son comment about how incredibly smart he is, but that he is really fun and "cool". My son actually looks forward to his tutoring sessions -- a true testament to Mr. Moy's success."
Sherry, BCC Parent

"Since we've been using Achieve Tutoring for our rising junior, his whole attitude towards math has changed. Achieve's tutors relate well to our teen and explain things in easy to understand terms that he can remember and use on his own for upcoming homework and tests. Achieve has been instrumental in helping our son achieve success in math."
Debbie, BCC Parent

"[My daughter's] grades had really begun to drop. In addition, she was frustrated, overwhelmed and her self-confidence was completely eroded. After the first session with her tutor, however, it was as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She felt comfortable immediately with him and felt reassured in her ability to ask any question without disapproval or reproach. The tutor immediately was able to clearly instruct, help and assist my daughter, which resulted in better test scores and a higher confidence level in her abilities to tackle pre-Algebra. In fact, my daughter received straight A's throughout the year in the class, and math literally became her favorite subject. Believe me, this was truly a first!"
Ellen, Maret Parent

Teacher testimonials

"Although I pride myself as a good math teacher, I know that we cannot always meet the needs of all our students. Demond and his team work closely with me to develop a program that helps the student accent their positive skills and work through their weak points. They know how to "fine tune" an algorithm or problem solving technique which flows right into the class structure. Having talked to the kids who he has tutored, I know they feel success and challenge at the highest level for themselves. They come into class feeling a sense of "I CAN" rather than "I can't!""
Kiki - Math/Science Teacher - Maret

"As a District of Columbia Public School Teacher, I have personally referred families to Achieve Tutoring and the feedback received has been that they are more than satisfied with the services and the results... In the era of "No Child Left Behind", accepting Achieve Tutoring as a VA SES provider will not only be an asset to your network of service providers, but it will also help us, as educators, to do just that, leave no child behind."
Jackie - Lafayette Elementary School

Elementary, Middle, and Junior High Schools

1. Deal Junior High School
2. Lafayette Elementary
3. Renaissance Christian Academy
4. Westland Middle School
5. Woodstream Christian Academy
6. Maret School
7. St. Ambrose Catholic School

High Schools

1. Benjamin Banneker
2. Bethesda-Chevy Chase
3. Gonzaga College High School
4. John F. Kennedy
5. Kingsbury Day School
6. Montgomery Blair
7. Our Lady of Good Counsel
8. St. Anselms Abbey School
9. The Bullis School
10. Thomas Wootton
11. Walter Johnson
12. Winston Churchill
13. Woodrow Wilson
14. National Cathedral School


1. Johns Hopkins University
2. University of Maryland at College Park