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Achieve Tutoring is Now Approved In DC and Virginia

Bethesda, MD - September 17, 2009 -- Achieve Tutoring has been approved by the state of Virginia to provide supplemental educational services in the coming school year to low-income families under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001. Under the act, students receive free extra academic help such as tutoring or remedial help. Over 250 students in public and charter schools in Washington DC signed up with Achieve Tutoring during the 2008 - 2009 school year, the second year Achieve has been approved in DC to provide supplemental educational services through NCLB. The company also provides private tutoring, one-on-one and for small groups, at over 20 public and private schools throughout the Washington DC area, as well as at several local universities.

Demond Moy, President and founder of Achieve Tutoring, started the firm in 2005, to create an educational service tailored to distinct learning styles of the individual students. He has developed a tutoring approach that develops student's problem solving skills, improving grades, and increasing academic confidence. Demond, now 29 years old, is the son of public school teachers in Chicago, and grew up learning academic subjects as well as how to teach them to students with differing interests, personalities, and ways of learning. He later got his BS in Physics from Florida A & M University and his Masters in Economics from the University of Maryland.

"Our tutoring experience with private clients is synergistic with our experience tutoring students from low-income families," says Demond. "We are constantly learning more about how to help students gain confidence in their own learning abilities so that they can improve their overall academic performance." Achieve Tutoring brings encouragement as well as skills development to their clients, and is focused on helping students learn to think critically. "Students enjoy subjects like math, reading, and science more when they see these subjects as less intimidating and more accessible and when they have more confidence in themselves," says Demond.

"I met Demond when he attended my Entrepreneurship class at the Robert H. Smith School of Business of the University of Maryland," says Andrew Sherman, founder of Grow Fast Grow Right and partner at Jones Day. "He was an excellent student, and later his company tutored my children in math and physics. Their grades went up measurably, but much more importantly, they learned how to solve problems - a skill they will use for their rest of their lives."

Virginia and DC are just the beginning, as Achieve Tutoring plans to expand their Supplemental Educational Services to additional states and bring their unique tutoring methods to low-income families across the country.

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