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Through state and federal grants, low-income families can enroll their child in Supplemental Educational Services. These services are available to Title I schools that have been designated by the state to be in need of improvement for more than one year. The term "Supplemental Educational Services" refers to free extra academic assistance, such as tutoring or remedial help, that is provided to students in subjects such as reading, language arts, and math.

Achieve Tutoring is an approved Supplemental Education Service Provider for DC, Virginia, and Illinois. For the 2009-2010 academic year, we received an above-average rating of 4 out of 5 in the DC Public School System. We believe all students can increase their confidence and improve their academic performance with the right tutoring program. Our program is designed to help students in grades K - 12 in math and English/language arts, and our tutors engage students to make learning enjoyable. We have created a curriculum that is based on National and State Learning Standards for Mathematics and Reading/English language arts.

Session Structure

Our tutors are able to work with different learning styles, and they engage students to make learning enjoyable. Tutors group students by ability and our target ratio is between 1 and 5 students to 1 tutor. Our tutoring sessions usually take place inside schools after the school day or on the weekends. They occur two or three times a week and usually last between 90 - 120 minutes. We emphasize communication with teachers, parents and staff to ensure that students receive the best services.

A typical session includes the following elements:

  1. Warm-up activity
  2. Review of previous lesson
  3. New lesson with specific assignment and goal
  4. Wrap-up and reflection


Our math program builds basics skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We then introduce students to decimals, fractions, percents and word problems.

Our math program aligns with the national and state math standards below:

1. Number Sense
2. Patterns, Relations and Algebra
3. Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability
4. Geometry
5. Measurement

Our English/language arts program improves reading comprehension, writing and vocabulary for all grades. We place a strong emphasis on phonics, grammar, spelling and vocabulary for our early learners.

Our English/language arts program builds on five important areas identified by the National Reading Panel:

1. Phonemic Awareness
2. Phonics
3. Fluency
4. Vocabulary
5. Comprehension

We can accommodate some ELL students; please contact us to determine if we can accommodate your ELL need.


Achieve has worked with a number of schools in DC and Virginia, and is in the process of expanding into public schools in Illinois, as well. Schools that have chosen to use our services include:

DC Schools

Bruce-Monroe Elementary
Cesar Chavez Public Charter School
Community Academy Public Charter School
Dunbar High School
Elsie Whitlow Stokes Public Charter School
Garrison Elementary School
HD Cooke Elementary
Maya Angelou Public Charter School
Miner Elementary School
Orr Elementary
Paul Public Charter School
SAIL Public Charter School
Tubman Elementary School
Webb/Wheatley Education Center

Virginia Schools

Beech Tree Elementary
Bucknell Elementary
Dogwood Elementary
Francis Hammond Middle School
Hollin Meadows Elementary
Washington Mill Elementary
Woodlawn Elementary